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Special Stories of Members in Pursuit of God


 "I was a member of Heritage Baptist church for six years before I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior on Sept. 22, 1999. I had a problem believing that Jesus died for me personally. There were just too many people in this world, why would He do anything for a nobody like me? Well, He did. He died for me and He died for you, that we, through Him, may have everlasting life. It's only by God's grace that He forgave a self-centered, rebellious, hard-hearted sinner like me and immediately changed my heart. He filled me with His love, joy, & peace. He made me His child and gave me the gift of eternal life. And He can do the same for you. I am His, He is mine, and by His grace I will be a usable vessel for His glory. I praise God for the wonderful opportunity to serve Him and others at Heritage Baptist Church ."

Sister Candace DeBerry


"I had never heard of God's salvation until I was fifty years old. Then I heard a false salvation: pray and you'll be saved. So I did  -- and I lived a lie for eleven years, even fooling myself. I thought I was saved because many changes came into my life. My thoughts and language became decent. I was no longer selfish, I loved everyone. I joined a Baptist church, gave up my job to work in the Christian School voluntarily, taught Sunday School, and went on visitation. We moved to Port St. Lucie in June, 1991; and I became a member of Heritage Baptist Church on March 1, 1995, God dealt with  me personally. He showed me my sin and my need for our Savior, Jesus. God gave me faith to believe that Jesus paid for my sin. That day, I was born again. God's goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. He showed me I could do nothing to help myself, that praying did not give me what I need, that salvation is a free gift, and that Jesus paid for all my sin on the cross. God gave me faith to believe that Jesus paid for my sin.

Sister Dorothy McMahon


"At the age of 11, during our Jubilee meeting in 1999, I got saved! Never before had I seen myself for who I really was ; a no good, worthless sinner. I had never done anything really bad - after all, I was brought up in church my whole life. But, oh, how wrong I was; On May 7th, 1999 God opened my eyes and showed me that I was just as bad as any sinner,  that my sin put Him on the cross, that Jesus loved me so much He shed His blood for me. By His grace and mercy I received Him as my personal Lord and Saviour, now I may live eternally with Him.

Sister Chrystal DeBerry


" After searching for and visiting other area churches, my husband and I came to Heritage. Upon our arrival,  we were welcomed by a very warm and friendly congregation. When the Pastor stood at the pulpit, he opened his King James Bible and began to preach. I have never heard preaching before, it was nothing like those soft sermons I have heard in the past. It was a bit hard for me to chew. My husband decided right away that this was the church where God wanted us. After a few months of regularly attending services at heritage, we became "church members". As time went on, I became very unhappy with the preaching. Everything this Pastor preached was directed at me. I didn't  realize it then, but I hated the preaching because not only was it directed at me, it was all true. It took years of sitting under the preaching of sound doctrine and making many false professions of salvation before I realized that I have never trusted Jesus. I had absolutely no peace within. On May 8th, 1999 at our Annual Jubilee revival meeting, God showed me once again that I was lost. I tried to get saved, but nothing happened. God had to show me that the work that Christ did for me (dying on the cross) was all I need. After much travail, Christ in His mercy, gave me the faith that I needed to trust in Him, and I was saved! Jesus did it all, no Dana about it !".

Sister Dana Parker


"I was born in Hillside, NJ. and as a boy my friends and family called me "Sonny".  I served as a marine in the Korean war and dealt with many heartaches and pains throughout my life. Through the yeaers I had religious experiences of Buddism, Protestantism and Catholisism. These were no help to me. It was through the preaching of the Word of God, along with the Bible study on Friday evenings which God used to show me that I was a sinner.  One Friday evening in August of 2007, at the age of 78, during Bible study with the Pastor,  I received Jesus Chris as my Savior by grace through faith.  I am now 79 and am glad I am saved and the thought of my family and others not being saved cares me. I am praying daily for them to know Jesus as Savior.

Brother Joseph James Skerbe (Sonny)