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Heritage Missionaries

Praying for our Missionaries

We believe that it is the responsibility of the saved to witness by life and by word to the truths of Holy Scripture and to seek to proclaim the Gospel to all mankind. We also believe that the sending of missionaries is a local church function. Heritage Baptist Church supports twenty-one missionaries by prayer and faith promise giving. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of this ministry by supporting these families who serve the Lord on the mission field.

01)  Pastor Ronald C. Downs & Family - Port Saint Lucie, FL.     

02)  Tabernacle Children's Home - Greenville, S.C.

03)  Evangelist Jimmy Allen & Family - Kite, Ga.

04)  Evangelist Benny Carper & Family - The Bright Spot Hour - S.C.

05)  Evangelist Donnie Pollard & Family - Rome, Ga.

06)  Evangelist Darrel Weaver & Family - Midville, Ga.

07)  The Andrews Family - New Guinea

08)  The Belcher Family - Mexico

09)  The Dotson Family - Brazil

10)  The Howard Family - South Africa

11)  The Hutchins Family - Jamaica

12)  The Johnson Family - Bronx, N.Y.

13)  The Shumaker Family - The Ivory Coast

14)  The Todd Family - Ghana

15)  Dr. & Mrs. Don Hays - Ft. Pierce, FL.

16)  The Christian Law Association

17)  Institute for Creation Research